Friday, July 22, 2011

Simple clean

I know that you know you're supposed to clean the makeup off your face first and THEN wash your face (you do that, right?)... Well, that's a pain. But I do it. I've discovered, though, the product that makes this end-of-day process a dream: philosophy's purity made simple. Oh, my. I bought the big-daddy size bottle back in January with a gift card from Nordstrom and have been in love ever since! I wear quite a bit of face paint daily (by choice) so it takes a major cleanser to melt off everything I put on in the morning. This cleanser is so very gentle but so very efficient! I was shocked at how quickly just a bit of this lovely liquid did the trick. It doesn't foam up so that took some getting used to, but I assure you it is literally melting off a day's worth of makeup in about a minute as you rub it all over your face (including your eyes- it takes off water proof eye makeup!). The smell is "earthy/natural". Purity made simple is a tad on the pricier side as far as cleansers go, but I've used the same bottle nightly for 6 months and I'm still not out. Most definitely worth the cash, friends.

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