Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a no-go

I had such high hopes for this product! My skin is mottled with pigmented scars (thank you, breakouts since the age of friggin' 10) and so consequently there's pretty much nothing within my means I won't do to lighten or dare I say get rid of them. I forked over the fifty-some-odd dollars for this product about 2 months ago and my experience has been less than magnificent. My husband tried to warn me that Clinique's advertising for this product was all wrong and so the product shall be also (the egg with spots is actually considered lucky). I'm desperate so I committed to using this serum twice a day and I don't know if it was coincidence, but I'm telling you my skin got worse! Now yes, I've heard that these types of products can "bring discoloration to the surface and then they disappear" but not only did my skin become more red, but it also broke out within a week of using this stuff. Since I've laid off of it my skin has been much more forgiving and my regular breakouts are much less noticeable. Grr! If you've had a positive experience with this please let me know! I want to like it and I want so badly for it to work for me! However, it's looking like I'm headed back to the drawing board...

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