Friday, August 6, 2010

Pucker up

One of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube recently raved about a very inexpensive lip plumper/smoother/line filler and of course I had to have it. Do I really need plumper lips? No, that and straight teeth are a few of the things the gene gods decided not to make me struggle with my whole life but I love the thought of "fluffier" lips. I also love any product with retinol in it because it promotes skin renewal and the smoothing of lines. Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner SPF 15 with Double the Retinol is a beauty bargain at $3.99. It's colorless, not at all sticky or waxy, and has no taste. I've only been using it for a few days (I bought two- one in my lip drawer and one in my handbag) and I must say I'm just loving it! It's not at all "gooey" or too thick. As far as plumping, do any of those products really work? The ones that do actually sting and cause an allergic reaction on your lips, hence the swelling. So if you're a masochist maybe you have found one that brings the burn so you see results and then go back for more. I'm not quite one of those people. The Beyond Color does give me that "fluffy pout" feeling and does a phenomenal job smoothing out lines in my lips which makes any other lip product go on and look like a dream. Now I don't have an Avon representative so I just ordered directly from the website. Shipping wasn't too expensive and my package came in 3 days with nothing damaged (you know I ordered more than just this product.. shhh..). This is something I recommend trying! I almost feel guilty letting Mark be the only one that gets to smooch me.

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