Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't be scurred

Bright fun colors- how much longer can we get away with putting them in our repertoire to make our look "pop"? Did blue eyeshadow die with MiMi and the Drew Carey Show circa 1995? I say no. To an extant that is. I am, like many of you, a child of the 80's but wasn't quite old enough to rock the wild eyeshadow during that fashion-challenged decade. Well, I'm getting my vengeance now! Ok, so yes, I work in a field where I cannot wear neon colors on my eyelids to work and still be within the boundaries of the dress code. Maybe one day... But until then I have to use subtlety when I want to step a little outside the box on my face. I have discovered NYX jumbo eye sticks! Aside from being flippin' adorable, they have over twenty shades to choose from and give superb color payoff and pigmentation when applied to your skin. Did I mention that they're a mere $4.19 at your local Ulta?! Sold! So here's how to get away with a lavender, orange, green, or whatever color your heart desires hue in your look without looking like you're ready for a rave. Put on your normal every day face makeup including a more natural eye look from the top lashes up. Now sweep a color from a jumbo eye stick on the bottom lash line only. Apply one coat of black mascara to bottom lashes as desired. Blue-eyed beauties, for a show stopping look put a little hint of purple, turquoise, orange or gold below your peepers. Brown eyed dolls, you can rock any shade of blue, purple, pinky peach or especially green. Speaking of green, those green-eyed divas out there have the pick of the litter when it comes to color around your eyes. Any shade is flattering for you! Rock it! And by no means stop there, folks. Dare to wear *any* color that gives you that "Why, yes I am a goddess of gorgeous" mentality. I implore you to be willing to add just a little spice to your look when you're feeling extra sassy, especially with how easy and inexpensive it can be to do! DO NOT FEAR COLOR, ladies and gents. Embrace it.

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