Saturday, July 10, 2010

"You gotta, bat your eyes like deese.." -Sebastian the crab

Guys have some of the longest and most full eyelashes that can be grown on a human. It's unbelievably not fair. In a way I suppose it could be fair since mascara is marketed quite predominantly towards a female audience and so since most men don't care to wear mascara (aside from it being probably not as accepted socially) they have nothing to rely on but good genetics to help enhance their eyes. I suppose this is why God let us ladies have mascara because He knew most all of us need some help in the "lush lashes" department. Grr. Anyway, having naturally sandy/dark blonde hair myself translates to almost invisible light colored lashes. Believe me when I say I've tried just about everything to help them stand out and be recognized or at least help play up my peepers a bit. I have no idea what lead me to a Lancome counter years ago in search of mascara but one particular brand of theirs has been and will always be my holy grail- Cils Booster XL lash primer topped with Hypnose mascara in Deep Black. Oh my gawd. I'm so serious when I tell you I've (me!) been accused of wearing false eyelashes in public since wearing these products on my lashes! Before you head to your local Lancome counter, please note that the "vibrating" versions of these products I feel are a gimmick. They cost $20 more and I do not see an ounce of benefit in the wand vibrating, call me crazy. The Lancome counter person will most likely try to up sale you to this snazzier version of both Cils Booster XL and Hypnose mascara so just lie and say you've tried them and weren't impressed, unless of course you enjoy lighting a match to your cash. So there you have it, ladies! And to the mascara-wearing men of the world, I commend you for not seeing makeup as simply a 'girl thing' but a universal tool to make anyone feel better about themselves. Amen.

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