Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Revlon ColorStay pressed powder

Almost two months ago, in search of a new fabulous powder to set my foundation, I gave a Mineralized Skin Finish natural from MAC a try. These babies retail for $26.00 each which in the higher-end makeup market isn't too much of a budget buster especially since an MSF (Mineralized Skin Finish) can be worn alone as a very decent foundation with buildable coverage. On the particular day I was visiting my local MAC Pro store I was in a hurry because technically we were celebrating Father's Day at the mall and I was supposed to be roaming with the herd of my family.

Immediately upon entering the store it was the same old scene: too few makeup artists overwhelmed with MAC hungry women swarming like bees. Holy cow. Weren't all these women supposed to be with their fathers in the Apple store or Sharper Image? Anyway, after a slightly annoying wait I found a few other things to go with my MSF purchase and left with my goodie bag as quickly as possible. The bummer came the next morning when I swirled on this gorgeous powder and realized in my rushed pursuit of powder I'd chosen a shade or two too dark. Rats. I just grinned and was able to bear the shade for a few weeks when one very late night at WalMart I stumbled upon the Revlon cosmetics section. I'd heard rave reviews about their ColorStay line so I thought, what the hay, I'll grab a pressed powder in a much more appropriate shade to compliment my paleness. The Revlon ColorStay powder only cost me $7.49 so I sort of thought that even if it didn't work I hadn't broken the bank on it. How pleasantly surprised I was the first time I reached for this product once I got it home! I am a walking oil slick and a few days ago after running errands in this brutal Texas heat I just knew my face would be a melted mess when I finally made it back home and encountered a mirror. Wrong! This stuff hadn't budged! It kept me shine free and polished all (hot and humid) day. Revlon being cost effective, check. Revlon ColorStay pressed powder living up to its claims, check check. Color me impressed.

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  1. Good to know! My pressed powder broke a few days ago and I wasn't impressed with the brand anyway. I'll give this a try!