Monday, July 5, 2010

The perfect couple

*************** Lately I have been quite motivated to layer my makeup products- first you lay down a creme and then dust with powder to set. Via the Internet I came across a fabulous no-nonsense makeup artist in London who swore that NARS blush in the shade Exhibit A looked fabulous on every skin tone, and that "everyone should just accept this and quit swatching blushes!" Well I took this as a direct command to seek out the closest Sephora and stop at nothing until this NARS product was in my hot little hand. I perused through the store trying to keep my eye on the prize dodging sixteen overly helpful Sephora girls on my way to the NARS products. I located the electric-red shade of blush and, trusting the know-it-all-Londoner, tested it lightly on each cheek. Being a very fair skinned gal (my husband refers to me as his pale pretty princess but I swear it's just a way to keep me from spending money and skin cells on tanning beds) I was very impressed at the vivid yet not too vivid flush it gave my skin. To the checkout! Now, needing a creme base to layer underneath my very "hip" new cheek color I stopped in at the MAC pro store and quickly identified the cremeblend blush in Joie-De-Vivre to be the perfect partner for NARS Exhibit A. Never have two products been more in love. On my face.

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